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Primary capacitance for Power Line Carrier applications.

Coupling capacitance with 10nF


The A240F-16K is a high voltage coupling capacitance dedicated for Power-line-carrier communication. It is used in outdoor applications, usually on poles. Inside of the product is a big capacitance of over 10nF, which makes the communication through the network possible.


  • 24/50/125kV coupling capacitance for PLC
  • Light weight form factor
  • 10nF capacitance inside to enable communication through networks
  • Passive technology – no active parts are inside, nor a power supply is needed
  • Ultra-stable capacitance due to the usage of ceramic dielectrics
  • Outdoor sensor that can resist all weahter conditions, e.g. on poles
  • Hybrid material prevents humidity drift over the lifetime
  • Small form factor due to an intelligent arrangement of high voltage components inside
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