Our Vision

We believe deeply in a world that gets increasingly better over time. A healthier world that future generations will inherit. Since its founding, Greenwood Power has been laser focused on the intersections between intelligent and innovate design, electrotechnical engineering principles, production, transmission, distribution, grid management, and communication technologies – that are ever enhanced by a large variety of sensor solutions, be they conventional or, increasingly, non-conventional.

We strive to be one of the world’s leading innovators in non-conventional instrument transformers, for every voltage level, and every installation type. There is still a long way to go to achieve our stated goals, but we look forward to each day with an optimistic and open mindset.
Only by adhering to the highest industry standards will a true smart grid be realized. Accordingly, each Greenwood Power sensor is carefully designed, engineered, produced, tested, fine-tuned, tested again, and then adjusted before being delivered to the customer. Robust International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards are meticulously adhered to, ensuring the highest accuracy class, temperature, and frequency readings on the market.


Our Mission

One of our top priorities in this process has always been to be very customer centric, dedicated to hearing, understanding, and effectively addressing and implementing any specific product requirements.
We are very proud of having one of the best price-performance ratios on the global market in the voltage and current sensor category, and a research and development team that turns heads at industry conferences.


Our Values

All this cannot be achieved without acknowledging that our employees are essential to our, our partners’, and our customers’ success. Their work ethic and ambition are the foundation upon which Greenwood Power was, is, and will be built.
We lead through our day-to-day actions, attitude, and deliverables. This is Greenwood Power’s mentality, in addition to a strong work ethic and a commitment to team diversity and inclusivity.



Gender Equality Icon
GWP now has a 30% women’s quota and the trend is increasing
Affordable and clean energy icon
Our developed sensors support the modernization, energy efficiency and expansion of renewable energies in the grid by transmitting current and voltage values to grid operators at any time.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure icon
GWP sensors promote the reliability and robustness of the energy system while supporting the required voltage quality with a high proportion of renewable energy.
Sustainable cities and communities icon
The sensors promote the resilience and sustainability of the power grid and thus counteracts a further price increase of electricity.
Climate action icon
GWP sensors enable the transparency of the power grid, giving grid operators knowledge of their operational status of the grid and thus enabling prompt adjustments to climate-related weather changes and extension of the operating life of power lines.


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