TxxxG-xx | AUT


Size 2 outer cone type voltage sensor for GIS


The TxxxG-xx voltage sensor is one of the first sensors on the market, dedicated for the primary energy distribution in medium voltage, gas insulated, switch gears. This sensor is a logical consequence and evolutional development of GWP, to offer all instrument transformers, in the future on the market, as sensors. This product is made for Type 2 connections acc. EN50181 of switchgears. The earthing is done through the installation screws and usually protection relays are used in conjunction with this device.


First sensors on the market for GIS for primary energy distribution
Passive technology, no active parts are inside, or a power supply is needed
100% full metal design with a minimum wall thickness of 3mm aluminium. (no conductive paint)
Only 1/3 of weight of a conventional product, easy installation
Insulation level up to 40,5/95/190kV possible
Correction factors for amplitude and phase inaccuracy improve the sensor class, if used

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