Use-cases of the Greenwood-Power sensors #2

Voltage limit regulation on medium and low voltage side

Voltage limit regulation

O ne of the most important use case is to give the utility an instrument to maintain the given voltage band of +/-10% on medium and low voltage distribution grids. Due to more and more fluctuating producers and consumers like photovoltaic/windpower and on the other side electric car charging points, the voltage band control will be a challenge in the future.

Most of the existing systems are not equipped with any kind of control of the voltage band, the grid are usually designed for maximum and minimum production and consumption.

This is changing now, the utility companies are facing more fluctuating energy which could be handled by following countermeasures:

Impedance-reduction by
  • Bigger cross-section cables, more parallel cables
  • Interconnection of Ring main units, parallel switching
  • Distribution transformers with higher power ratings or smaller uk
  • Additional RMU´s or distribution points
Manipulation of effective power
  • Supply management (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Load management (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Load direction management (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Storage, e.g. Batteries (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
Manipulation of reactive power
  • On consumer side, compensation units (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • On producer side, inverter (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Storage, e.g. Batteries (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
Direct control
  • Tap changer in substation transformer on primary energy distribution (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Intermediate transformers on medium voltage level (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
  • Controllable distribution transformers on secondary energy distribution (Greenwood-Power SENSOR)
Product advantages

All countermeasures to improve the voltage band control except the conventional method of impedance reduction, require additional information’s for regulations delivered by non-conventional transformers!

In most cases a minimum accuracy class of 0,5 according IEC61869 is recommended due to the complete regulation accuracy shall be lower than 1%.

All products from GWP could be ordered with accuracy class 0,5 or better, thus makes them suitable for this application.

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