Voltage sensor calculation tool

The Greenwood-Power calculation tool makes it easy to use more than one IED (intelligent electronic device) on one set of voltage sensors!

As commonly known, the input impedance of the IED has an influence on the accuracy of a voltage sensor, therefore a voltage sensor must be adjusted to the input impedance of an IED.

If the IED understands correction factors, this factors could be used to correct the influence of a parallel or more switched IED on one voltage sensor.

For the right calculation of this factor, it is necessary to know the R2 of the ohmic voltage divider due to the R1 can vary and so the R2 is doing. The R2 is inserted into the tool, the number of parallel IED´s are chosen and the factors will be calculated in real-time.

In addition the tool give more customer benefits like:

  • Fast calculation of parallel switched IED (Siemens SICAM FCM), by given R2 in the voltage sensor protocol
  • If the cable is extended (which is usually forbidden by any supplier), just put in the additional length and the correction factor is given immediately
  • If the sensor itself give correction factors, this could be also considered in the calculation (VxxxX-0U)
  • The tool gives a complete correction factor to utilize all the advantages and flexibility at once!