Greenwood NetCondition App

Digitisation package for ring main units

A module in the BentoNet Marketplace

Benefits you will enjoy

Bundle of hardware and software for easy data visualisation

  •  Access to the BentoNet platform
  • Easy, effortless set up
  • Cost savings through fast and accurate error allocation
  • Real-time measured values for switching operations and basis for investments in grid expansion/planning
  • High-quality coordinated components
  • Other product combinations (different sensors, IEDs, routers,…) on request.


Greenwood Power provides a sensor-as-a-service product to energy providers bundling GWP current sensors, voltage sensors and the Siemens SICAM Feeder Condition Monitor as a ready to use package including a graphical user interface application on BentoNet for service staff convenience. The sensors are passive and could be used for first- or retrofit installations, for primary or secondary energy distribution and for medium and low voltage applications. The SICAM FCM is a short circuit and ground fault indicator with direction indication in isolated, compensated or solidly earthed distribution networks. A graphical user interface on BentoNet presents the measured values to monitor the load of distribution network components thus providing accurate data on the network condition. The data is collected via the BentoNet high security mobile network and visualized by the GWP NetCondition App in any modern web browser.


+ For earthed, isolated and compensated networks
+ Integrated load flow direction indicator
+ Directional short-circuit and earth- fault detection
+ Connection to capacitive voltage testing systems
+ Flexible earth current detection from 0.4 A

Technical Description

Easy-to-install package with pre-assembled Siemens FCM and secure data gateway. Including LP (Low Power) retrofit sensors matched to the package of current and voltage. Rapid detection of up to 6 medium-voltage outlets with a compact measuring box and Gateway module for direct data transmission via cellular network, no wired transmission necessary..

The current sensors are intended for installation on the cables of a gas or air insulated switchgear in the primary or secondary power distribution.
The voltage sensors can be used in T-connectors of different manufacturers.

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